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1. Brief introduction to spline shaft and precision casting part processing equipment

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The quality of a tractor is mainly determined by the materials of shell, gear and spline shaft and the processing method. For a good tractor, chassis shell parts are made of high-strength and high-quality materials, processed at the CNC machining center and having high precision; the connection surface of the shells can prevent leakage without any gaskets and seals. The gear in the gearbox and the spline shaft adopt the best domestic high-quality alloy steel at present processed on the special gear machine to guarantee the quality. Heat treatment is executed by using advanced equipment and technique so as to guarantee strong bearing capacity and long service life.

The physical characteristics of the engine determines the existence of the gearbox. First of all, each engine has its peak speed; secondly, the maximum power and maximum torque of the engine appear in a certain speed area. For instance, if the maximum power appears at 5500 rpm, the gearbox can have different gear ratios between the engine and the wheel when moving. The engine can have the best dynamic performance by shifting. Ideally, the gearbox should have flexible gear ratio. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) has such characteristic, which can be used to greatly develop the dynamic performance of the engine.

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