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Characteristics and application of spline shafts

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The rectangular spline shaft has wide application, such as aircraft, automobile, tractor, machine tool manufacturing, agricultural machinery, general mechanical transmission equipment, etc., characterized in multi-tooth work, high bearing capacity, good centering property and guidance quality, low tooth root, small centralized stress, little shaft and hub strength dissipation, convenient processing, and high precision obtained by a grinding method. The standard has two series (light series and medium series).

The Involute spline shaft is applied to the link with large load, high requirement on centering accuracy, and large size; wherein it is characterized that the tooth profile is an involute; the tooth has a radial force in load, capable of centering automatically; therefore, the tooth has uniform stress, high strength, long service life, processing technology which is the same as the gear, and easy acquisition of high accuracy and interchangeability. The processing method of the spline generally adopts a wire cutting processing technology.

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