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Qilu Culture

Qilu culture, or rather, not a single culture, but the convergence of Qi Culture and Lu Culture. Lu Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius had represented the Confucian doctrine, and east coastal Qi has absorbed the local indigenous culture (Dongyi culture) and developed. The presence of difference between the two ancient cultures, relatively speaking, Qi Shang Gongli culture, Lu Culture heavy ethics; Qi culture emphasizes innovation, Lu respect cultural traditions. Two cultures in the developing gradually together organically, has formed a rich historical connotation of Qilu culture.

Taishan and Qilu Culture status

 Taishan and Qilu Culture status

"Taishan" called as "Dongyue" for the Hua Wuyue first.

Tarzan, on high, on the large, it is not only in the land of China is not on the number is in the Five Sacred Mountains is only ranked third, ranking in the middle position, on the orientation of Taishan in the east, said Dongyue. According to Chinese tradition, east, west, south, north, five directions, "" Yes, "center", "center" is located, it is supreme, to the desired location. East, West, South, North four sides, subordinated. But Tarzan in people's minds, owned the mountains supreme, and the greatest to weight status supreme. This idea is contrary to common sense tradition formed? Apart from cultural aspects can not be found to explain.

"Fengshan", is the ancient Chinese people or the highest national festival. Because it is the world "imperial" and the heavens and the earth call ceremony. "Records Fengshan book" Justice says: "On this earth as Zhi Tai building to Heaven, reported days of work, Gu Yue Feng Tai small hill in addition to this, the message to the power, hence the saying Zen Zen blind,. . God also "and cited" five by Tong Yi, "says:"? Yixing and Wang, Drive for peace, will Feng Tai, Zen parent beam, where destiny that king, to Li Qun, told Pacific in the day, reported group of God work. "

Huaxian Min us hearts that God is supreme master of "Heaven", followed by the ground. The so-called "Coldest Winter in Peking." "Shang Yu-mo": "Huang Tianjuan life, suddenly have the whole world, for the world king." Heaven is the supreme monarch, dominated all the peoples on earth, heaven is awarded to the monarchical power. Therefore, the "Yixing and Wang, Drive for Peace", will be the father Liang Feng Tai Zen, reporting days, was reported under way, "the group reported power of God."

Generally, however, the emperor has no qualifications Fengshan, must ordered in the day, suddenly has a very cosmopolitan, causing peace and harmony will be eligible. So grand rituals Fengshan, in the Five Sacred Mountains, people do not choose the highest Hengshan and Songshan Habitat dignities, and the choice of medium height east of Taishan, in addition to low-altitude location of the starting point of Taishan located relatively higher altitude, by the North China Plain looked majestic towering outside, the most important is a national after Confucianism orthodoxy, Shandong Taishan scholars who advocated divine. People living in the vicinity of the long-term Tarzan, thinking that Tarzan highest, upper sky. Therefore, boarded top of Taishan, the altar Heaven, and call heaven, reported days of work, in Taishan hill to Jide, reported to the power addition.

Since the sky can be Tai, it can pass under the ground, so he became the representative of God Lord of heaven and earth born master death. Soul Tarzan died traditional practices, but also along the Taishan ancient ethnic and cultural development of a testament to this.

Taishan area is one of the cultural centers in the Qilu Region primitive peoples. According to historical records for the legendary era, according to archaeological excavations of Neolithic no longer a problem. Because there are no dawenkou culture and legends of Ellen White, Fuxi, Shennong Yandi, Huangdi, etc. Taishan Fengshan wealth of information as evidence. But whether thus far, it seems to also push. Guan said that because of the 72, still remember the 12, it is not impossible to remember the 60's are not pregnant later. In particular, said Confucius, the ancient Yixing and Wang Liang Feng Tai Zen Father, "Ke Deer numbers were 70 people, the number of those who do not Ke Deer square number also." ( "Historical Records Fengshan book" Justice cited "Han Tao rumor ") here revealed to us a message, Mount Fengshan no Ellen White did not start, but much earlier. Earliest what time, undiscovered. However, according to recorded history of 1200 years between the First Emperor to Emperor Song Emperor 14 8 Taishan Fengshan, generally about 85 - - 150 years there is a person. We do not say that "ten thousand numbers" needed for many years, but said more than 70 years also need about.

Status of Confucius and Qilu Culture

 The so-called "a saint" refers to Confucius. In fact, far more than the Qilu Region ancient sage Confucius, one of the ancient Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors bears are "holy" name of the people, they are closely related with the Qilu Tarzan has supra, Needless to say any more. Warring States period, he said only that "Saint" by Confucius addition, the St. soldiers grandson there, workers St. Luban, Medical St Que, as well as second-class complex of St. XII, said holes only holy, holy Zong Shen, and so on.

Under the "saints", is a large number of sage. Confucius had 72 disciples Yin. Qi possession, after Yan, Warring States Period, Ji Xia Scholars, up to several hundred thousand. Reconstruction of these saints is Qilu cultural glory. To Han, Qilu still talent. After Wei and Jin, culture with the people south, Qilu region was gradually losing its advanced position. These have largely can be seen from the above, needless to say, it does not seem the most important. The most important and most telling Qilu culture in the history of Chinese culture prominence or Confucius.

Academia recognized Chinese traditional culture regardless of how complex the content, the core and backbone of Confucian culture, Confucius was the founder of Confucianism, although Confucian culture through and Xun and Confucian repeatedly transformation, especially the transformation of Dong Zhongshu, the Han Dynasty as Domination of Confucianism, Confucius has been non-original Confucian, Confucianism amalgamation has become a fusion of the two Qilu culture. But the power of creation of Confucius, is how can not erase. Although "no Chinese Zhong Ni, vancomycin, such as night" was overdone, but said that Confucius was the nexus, the future master is appropriate.

The so-called nexus, and the future, not a simple connection of the upper and lower intermediary work, but an extremely ambitious project of creating the provision. So to create a hole for Confucianism in its historical background and how cultural environment is a big issue and it is difficult to expand, can only be roughly Introduction. Confucius how to evaluate this ambitious cultural construction, we evaluate the Marxist Leninist theory can create a communist system where to get some useful inspiration. Lenin believed that Marx's theory of scientific communism is "to absorb and transform more than 2,000 years of human thought and cultural development of all valuable things" founded on this basis. He said: "Marx studied the development of human society," and "all those who are with him critical attitude created by human society should be reviewed at any point in the past who did not ignore all the achievements of human thought, he re-examine. too, criticized, tested at all in the workers' movement. "Although Marx and Confucius different times, different representatives of the class, not in the same language, but the absorption of human creativity valuable things before their time, for them before man all created at the height of the times, to be reviewed one by one with the vision of the times, criticism and research, combined with the social reality of the movement to be innovative, there is commonality.

Confucius Pursues three generations, follow kings, Tang Yu straight climb, and especially the Western Zhou Chong, the "second generation weeks in prison, Yu Yuhu Bunya! I from the week" ( "The Analects of Confucius eight yi") words. Because after Duke Zhou ritual music, the former second-generation culture inheritance and development of critical, was the most advanced culture. However, the pioneering works of Confucius, by no means only by Zhou culture like fenugreek, but the Yin, Tang Yu Xia dynasties as well as cultural world inheritance has also summarized and criticized, especially for prehistoric occupied first position , representative of the ancient Chinese tradition of authentic Dongyi culture, he was interested in Tan son had asked the Foreign propriety. "For his residence Jiuyi or child saying: 'ugly, Ruzhi?' Confucius said:? 'Gentleman's residence, Helou of the" ( "Analects Zi Han") He also "my way is not, by rafter floating Yu Hai "(" the Analects of Confucius' Gongye Chang ") words. The east coast or the nearby islands, it was the barbarians still exist areas. His "Shao" Le his best words of praise. . "The Analects of Confucius eight yi" set: "Sub-called" Shao ':' make the United States men, and do good also 'called' ';'.. Make the United States men not entirely good also. ' "Wu" Analects of Confucius described "also contains: "in sub-Qi Wen," Shao "I do not know meat in March, said: 'not As Pictured music of the Andean also"' Confucius that "Shao" Music is an art form whether (US), or ideological content (good), all reached the United States, the good matter. The "force" in the form reached perfection, and in the ideological content has not yet reached perfection. Why, according to legend:? "Shao" Shun is made, "Wu" is the music of King Wu of Zhou. Shun is the Dongyi people. That Confucius in music, better than the Western Zhou Yi Chong Shangdong. Why he thinks "Shao" and "force" comparison, art forms have reached a degree of perfection, and the ideological content "Wu" No, "Shao" perfect? ??This is probably because the "Shao" reflects Dongyi culture "benevolence" the spiritual nature than "force" reflect the cultural "benevolence" spiritual nature than "force" Zhou higher spiritual culture embodied. Confucius and Confucianism ideology is Ren ideological content, courtesy of canonical form, which is the core of "benevolence." "Benevolence" is the Dongyi human nature, spiritual nature Dongyi Culture. "Explanation · radical 123," says:. "Ren Yi vulgar, ...... there is a gentleman, immortal country" "Han. Geography "says;" Dong submissive nature, different from the tripartite outside, so Confucius dread my way is not provided raft in the sea, want to home Jiuyi, have to also. ".

Confucius finishing "Six Classics", a systematic study of ancient cultural heritage; his travel around the world, a comprehensive understanding of the social situation, and his wisdom, superhuman comprehensive innovation, set up their own Jicheng ancient cultural tradition, another offspring of cultural traditions huge ideological and cultural systems - Confucianism.

In the past often confined to academia, "Transmitting without the letter the Ancients" ( "The Analects of Confucius described the") and Master from the Road, the ancient cultural heritage that Confucius compiled just finishing delete, for Zhou culture only be slavishly copy, therefore, affirm its contribution to save the ancient cultural heritage, and after the start to those who deny its unprecedented cultural construction of the new creation, and even said he was old-fashioned retro, obsessed with the recovery of the Western Zhou slavery. This is a prejudice, is not consistent with the actual Confucius.

Lan of the Master from the Road One explanation is more pertinent. He said: "Confucius Having said that, he is really 'by Narration."' He and his pioneered Confucian school "talk 'Guzhi Ren' is followed by 'Guzhi Ren' talk at the end, is not shining ' Guzhi Ren 'talk about the end of "I am in favor of Mr. Kong Fanjin comments:." Needless to mud in the literal meaning, but mistaken Confucius ideology is conservative style summary and adhere to Master from Confucius, but is advocated by the show evidence, provide a 'sexual already' practical basis for their ethical practices directed doctrine only. ...... ...... hard to imagine Confucius as a master of creating a university school will blindly learn it, we do not want to deny hesitate ...... Confucius on the social political and economic changes manifested conservative attitude, but as a cultural change of paradigm, namely the name of the ancient worship of culture construct a new banner, from a cultural point of view or from the broader historical change of understand the point of view, its profound revolutionary connotation, but can not be a correct understanding. "" to scientifically understand this problem, we must start to change the culture and political history as well as one of the confused history rich content simple comprehension freed. on the attitude and role of history is to see the emergence of Social transformation of cultural anomie so-called "bad music ceremony collapse" phenomenon in an attempt to make up the history of the disadvantages from the humanities spirit, people adjust social existence, namely now as people look lost, like the human spirit, how can it be regarded as the pull of history reversing it? "

In fact, the hole then a great reformer, he is a revolutionary concept of three generations of cultural transformation. He "can 'Heaven' chaotic cultural background, alone on the 'humanitarian' to make Yao the splendid creator provision, which really constructed the ancient Chinese culture core order and cast the soul of traditional humanistic spirit. "three generations of culture, the world of spirits prevailed? It can be said is a" day "to dominate the spirits culture. Confucius three generations of cultural transformation in the concept of a personal God and the concept of destiny, eliminates the false gods and superstition, in which the essence of the intake Fatalism, "to find a logical premise for the construction of their own admission, whom also laid a day one person oriental philosophical foundation. "

Confucius deepest most valuable creation, he cited the ceremony benevolence, the Dongyi culture spirit of "benevolence" with three generations of the most essential culture, especially the most basic ritual culture of the Zhou Dynasty, together. He established his benevolence as the core content, courtesy canonical form of Benevolence ideology. What is "benevolence"? "Benevolent people", which is a basic summary. Confucius benevolence explain a lot, but they are speaking the truth in life, one of the most core - strip called "benevolent." "Love" is the fundamental principle of life, but also to deal with the most effective and perfect way relationships. So Kang Yu-wei said, "benevolent, humanitarian post even if the extreme." Mr. Guo Moruo said: "The so-called benevolence", "is man's discovery." Indeed in the slave society, slave owners do not take slaves as human beings. Only when freed slaves, to appear this "benevolence" Thought. Confucius' "Benevolence" is the adaptation Emancipation of this trend.

But some commentators, Confucius has "people" or "people" as a slave-owning aristocracy, which we believe is too distorted the original intent of Confucius. In fact, Confucius "Person" refers to human beings, "as a 'class' concept which is different from the appearance of otherness." "The 'people' seen as socially constructed primitives, considered interpersonal starting point "," not only to make sense of equality doctrine inevitably implies the existence of individual life, but also get a sense of the eternal human Confucius said: 'Tian Zhisuo students, by raising the land, no one is big' ( Book of Rites Festival righteousness)) at the time of the social environment and cultural background, this is indeed deafening sound, its meaning is never just to have a share of the era, Gou "Especially noteworthy is that in the affinity of Confucius thought, not only no ethnic boundaries, and there is no national boundaries, where the world was such a place should be, and later this narrow nationalism, narrow nationalism have nothing in common. "

Confucius created another great revolutionary, he founded a private school and that "education for all" proposition. "There is no class" for the right of everyone to education established the principle of an equal, founder of private school education but also for the people who opened the first of its kind. This is the past, "The Official" then why not create a revolutionary? So, said he was "China's first academic to make people" of the people, is not an exaggeration.

Kong Zichong Shangzhou Li, Zhou but by no means rigid intact copy or mechanically apply. But to follow the transformation and development of its basic principles and ideas, many of which have a major breakthrough. He cited the ceremony as benevolence, propriety must meet the requirements of the spirit of benevolence, that is Shurei not violate benevolence, so he said: "? People without benevolence, such as ritual Ho" ( "The Analects of Confucius eight yi")

Confucius founded Confucianism, not only become the cultural roots of the Chinese nation to unite, affecting the development of the unique pattern of traditional Chinese culture, but also beyond its native region and the nation, out of the borders, East Asia spread far and wide, forming the East Confucian culture circle, Modern and spread to the West, evoking "a wise man living there, will appeal to the East to find the wisdom of Confucius in a new trend in humanism."

Confusionism reason can be given for the ruling class orthodoxy, mainly because Confucius meets the needs of the ruling class to rule the people. One depends on the superhuman wisdom of Confucius, "good old Min seek", "insatiable in learning", "energies forget the food, music sorrows, I wonder if old age is coming," the spirit of struggle; the second is his astute wisdom Sublation comprehensive critical inheritance of ancient cultural traditions, completed a major transformation of the concept of cultural development, transformation and innovation, Kabuki ancient traditional culture and get a leap in the development of new life in the new historical period. Therefore, Confucius and Confucianism. As Chinese traditional culture on which condensation core for the scholars were, spread two thousand years, the nation, and large storm struggle criticism catastrophe several class ideology and culture granted to fail, and can not afford to abandon today and in the future will be to build a new modern culture which can not be ignored as a factor to play its due role. Confucius in the history of Chinese culture, it is an integration of the past for future generations stand pole figure. His theory became one of the core of Chinese traditional ideology and culture, mainly because he provides people the art of imperial rulers, rulers before holding up.

In short, Qilu region is one of the ancient Chinese culture and civilization, birthplace of the earlier, the Yellow River culture and Qilu Taishan both collision and combination of product, twice prosperity, and to complete the transition by Confucius, together as a nexus to the Department.

Yellow River flows into the sea - the Yellow River mouth


Yellow River mouth

Yellow River is China's second longest, is one of the world famous river. A total length of 5464 km, the Yellow River estuary is located in Dongying City Kenli County of the Yellow River in Shandong Province Town territory. Located in the Bohai and Laizhou Bay Interchange, 1855 diverted from the Yellow River burst.

Kenli of the Yellow River in the territory of 109 kilometers, the annual runoff of 30 billion cubic meters, a normal year, the Yellow River every year to bring about 3 acres of land made of sand, is the only Chinese can "grow" Land place. Kenli County existing land area of ??313 acres, 15.3 acres of land per capita is five times more than the average level of Shandong Province, it is the most abundant eastern coastal areas of China's land reserve resources.

Dongying is a place thousands of miles of the Yellow River into the sea, is home to China's second largest oilfield, Shengli Oilfield, the Yellow River Delta is the center of the city. Yellow Yellow River, grasslands green sea of ??blue, jointly drew a colorful picture. There is also China's most complete, most extensive and most abundant wetland ecosystems, the famous Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve, known as birds of paradise. Yellow River estuary can be characterized by "Yellow River mouth, big oil, red shrine, Gold Coast" to summarize.

With the Yellow River estuary deposition - extension - to swing into the sea road diversions corresponding changes. Yellow River estuary flows into the sea road, is a new channel in 1976 diverted by artificial siltation Qingshuigou shape, the following Lijin Yellow River estuary, is a weak tidal estuary continental.

Here vast wilderness, Fangcaoqiqi, national protected rare birds seasons everywhere. Yellow River, forest, reed, grass vegetation types, structured, Yellow Dragon is like a deep blue sea, called the wonders of the world. Charm sunset, river sunset and fascinating.


Five Hegemons - Linzi ancient capital

 Qi is Zhou vassal state, is a vassal state of China's history from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period. Tian Qi Jiang Qi is divided into two eras. Its boundaries are mainly located in Shandong Province, today most of southeastern and northeastern Hebei Province, Henan Province, began to lord King Wu of the National Division, military adviser grandfather look Jiang Shang. Zhou Qi is important to seal the country, is also one of Five Hegemons, Warring States, the major Eastern Zhou vassal state. Qiguo Guo Linzi (now Shandong Zibo City Linzi district). Qi Hu Gong had moved the capital to thin Kou (Linzi northwest fifty years). When spread QiKanggong, doctor exiled QiKanggong on the fields and the sea islands, "a city food, Bong its first worship." Tian and self-reliance for the monarch, is Tian Qi Taigong. 386 years ago, and the field as a vassal king Zhou An, Jiang Tian Qi was substituted, and the official said Tian Hou, the name still used in Qi, the Bank said, "Tian Qi", became one of the seven powers of the Warring States era, before 221 years, the last destroyed by the Qin.

Qi Old City site is located in the museum world soccer origin, historical and cultural city Qi ancient capital - Linzi, the State Council released the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Qi Old City blend of cultural landscape, heritage resources visitors, a total of 48 focus sites, the "underground museum" reputation.

Qi Qi Old City site museum include History Museum, the Eastern Zhou martyrdom Ma Hang, drainage crossing, wall ruins, Linzi stone hall, Yan Ying tomb mound and a series of three persons of interest.

Qi Qi Old City site for the Museum's main attractions, museum built in 1984, with a special appearance Qi Old City and the city of Fort town interrelated antique building.

Interior decoration imitation of the Han Dynasty palace, is one of the ten shaped museum, the antiques on display 308, display content chronologically minutes before Qi, Shang, Eastern Zhou, Qin and Han five most orderly room, first Qi Hall, Longshan Office Shang Office, the Office of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Spring and Autumn hall, Shao music hall, Wuwei hall, castle hall, Kickball hall, Science and Technology Department, the Office of adapters, the Office of the Qin and Han, Shao Music hall and other 15 rooms, a comprehensive picture of Qi eight hundred years of glorious history and splendid culture, Qi introduced political, economic, cultural, artistic, scientific, military and customs, in order to express the historical heritage through cultural history and critical review, enable visitors to enjoy from deep inside and out sentiment Qi culture brilliant, brilliant, won the national top ten display quality Award nomination. Repeatedly commended departments at all levels, and was named the provincial quality consumer trust units.

Eastern Zhou martyrdom Ma Hang Twenty Five monarch is Qi Jinggong Horses, is one of three horses martyrdom Trips China, Liu Hai-su was hailed as "miracle horse world without martyrdom."

From the 11th century BC, Grandfather Jiang Qi Feng qi until 221 BC, was destroyed by the Qin Dynasty, Linzi as the "first Five Hegemons, the Warring States Crown" Zhou Qi capital of up to 800 years. Long history, splendid culture, Linzi left a lot of monuments, the province and the country's heritage region.

In the Spring and Autumn capital sites, the well-preserved historical sites in Linzi, the rich historical, ranking first in all capital site of the Spring and Autumn China has discovered, can be used as the representative of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty cultural relics, Tang and Qin and Han cultural relics in Xi'an, Beijing's yuan Ming and Qing ancient garden culture, form the three pillars of the situation, a complete sequence of the historical and cultural development.

To enhance the international visibility of Qi culture, due to Qi Culture to historical status, Linzi district government proposed Qi Old City declared as world cultural heritage objectives established Cultural Relics Bureau and the Office of World Cultural Heritage , declared World Heritage held a mobilization meeting, also in Shandong province Department of culture in our region as the province's first declaration of the world cultural heritage. Declared world cultural heritage will make Qi Old City site museum showing more rich cultural heritage, the historical and cultural advantages into development advantages, reproduction Qi ancient capital of glory.

Zhoucun - dry dock


  Zhoucun town dry dock formerly Zhoucun ancient city, known as "the first village," he said, in central Shandong Province, is one area in Zibo City, Shandong Province.

As early as the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Zhoucun as a commercial town, and south China, Foshan, Jingdezhen, zhuxianzhen par, becoming one of the four non-drought marina waterway communication May 19, 1904 (Guangxu thirty April fifth day) Zhoucun officially approved by the Qing government opened as a commercial port, making Zhoucun business more prosperous.

Zhoucun dry dock by the main street, streets silk, silver and other streets Streets composed of well-preserved ancient Ming and Qing existing building of 50,000 square meters, a number of monuments in the town, shops, streets freely, architectural styles, Shandong only Yes, Jiangbei rare and still exert its commercial function, was hailed as Chinese ancient architecture expert committee "Chinese living museum of ancient commercial building group", is a provincial-level key cultural relics protection units, was included in the Shandong Province outstanding history list building and development focus in Shandong province as "cultural history and Folklore" tourist area is included in the "Shandong province Tourism development Master plan", is the essence of business culture reflects Lu as the main content of the province's key tourism projects folklore, is Jiangbei of well-preserved ancient Ming and Qing commercial district, reflecting the rich culture of ancient commerce.

Zhoucun dry dock with excellent geographical location, traffic is very developed, east of Qingdao port 300 kilometers, 50 kilometers east of Jinan International Airport, Jinan Railway, Jinan-Qingdao Expressway and 309 National Road running through.

Dry dock tourist attractions lying South High North, covers an area of ??32.7 hectares, consists of two parts, one focused on protected areas, security street west, east Zhuo River, south of the new road, north of the Cotton Street, an area of ??19, 7 hectares. From the street, silk streets, streets silver, silk Street, Hibiscus Street Streets Area. Second, the planning control area, west of the Zhuo River, east of security Street, River Street to the south, north south, the new road. There Qian Foge, Huilong bridge, mosques and other ancient buildings, covering 130,000 hectares.

Within the area shops, many monuments. There are built in the Tang Dynasty Mingjiao Temple, built on behalf of Kuixing Court, there is the world famous "Eight Xiang" and other old business, "Oriental Merchant" Meng Luo Chuan's former residence. Liu Hong is still here Gelao training, Kung Pao Li Hua Hee, Wang Ying Wu champion's hometown systems and other historical figures. Business rich culture, humanities long history.



Pu Songling House

  Zibo City, Shandong Province Zichuan east about 8 li, there is a still retains the architectural style of the Ming and Qing ancient village, is not easy to be found in this remote village, because of a "Strange" is renowned at home and abroad and reputation earthquake, delivered to the continental seas north and south, which is the Qing Dynasty famous writer, King of the World Short stories birthplace of Pu - Po village.

Chuang Po, formerly known as Sunway Village. It was built in the Song Dynasty to the village three guhuai named. Early Ming, a well in the gully Village, full of ancient and often overflow of the river, so the full name of the village, the village wells. According to the Kangxi five years (AD 1713) written by Pu Songling "Dragon King Temple rebuilt monument," it reads: "Zi Xu East Seven Mile, there take the load of the town of Willow, Katsuya forget to clear-Yu Lie, sweet to the aryl. , wine purpose. by Ming Yue. Zhang Xu deep spring, full of water varies, wearing a stone out of Yan Zhou, also known full well to it. "this is the first can still find the" Willow "and" full well "Appellation The only documented.

The village has a full Idera, dragons cornices, carved beams and painted rafters, spacious and bright Lichtung, elegant. Yiling Chen Ming Dynasty when ten thousand "full Idera revisit that matter, three", saying:. "A weeping willow Xicao Jian Qing, sick body talk secluded recreation complex kiosk old row feet Zen go without a day, free bait young monk chanting school Terakado South peak oblique tree, look for the upper bound Xiejiu heavy flowers. bony disease to end ups, still drumming can get mixed with Laos. lapel emersed take advantage of open days the wind, stacked knee Linquan Wan considered empty. sitting on the cold muddy rock wall, broken mess mountain sunset red. "

Pu memorial built in 1980, on the former residence of Willow, the cemetery was renovated, expanded, requisition houses, rebuilt version works, paintings Ode galleries, library, reception room, office, the addition of the south gate, so House management are maturing. House has become a fairly large-scale study of the position Po and the famous tourist spot.

Painting bottle within Boshan

  Painting bottle within Boshan, formerly known inside painting snuff bottle, produced in Boshan. Line the inner wall of the transparent glass bottle painting, so that within the painting. Genus precious arts and crafts. Use special tools to make curved sharpened bamboo sticks, bamboo pen made configuration, dipped in paint, paint on the inner wall extends into the bottle. Bottle narrow, difficult to operate, and can not be drafting, altered, so the non-skilled, well-thought who could not do.

Boshan painting within a wide variety of novel and unique style; small less than one inch, two feet higher than major; varied and colorful. In recent years also developed a "perfume bottle inside painting", "within the painting necklace" and other new products, Chinese and foreign visitors eager to buy, be regarded as a rare souvenir.

Han painting is unique within a traditional craft, painting bottle within Boshan formerly known inside painting snuff bottle, produced in Boshan. Line the inner wall of the transparent glass bottle painting, so that within the painting. Genus precious arts and crafts. Use special tools to make curved sharpened bamboo sticks, bamboo pen made configuration, dipped in paint, paint on the inner wall extends into the bottle. Bottle narrow, difficult to operate, and can not be drafting, altered, so the non-skilled, well-thought who could not do. Glass is a creation of our country, is China's famous Boshan glass production base, "Glass Town", with the painting, depicting flowers ball, glass bead series total of more than 2,500 varieties.

Painting bottle within Boshan sophisticated technology, novel and unique, wonderful, known as the unique "Shandong School" collectors them as treasures.

Qing Yongzheng and Qianlong, snuff bottle production prospered. To Xianfeng years, Beijing's first artist snuff bottle inside painting techniques, creating a sensation. Later, the Boshan folk artist, who completed the nine-wing removed obtaining techniques, gradually formed Shandong School inside painting on the art scene, and Beijing share the reputation School, appreciated by Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty, it was listed as one of the court Supplies .

Within Boshan glass painting is a Han Chinese traditional arts and crafts with unique techniques. It is a round, flat, square, long, edge, ladder, oval and the like quasi-type glass crystal blank material do pot, with a special curved thin bamboo pen, draw a small mouth of the jug landscape flowers, such as beans, people and other animals apartment picture is a combination of appreciation and practical pocket-sized crafts.


Zhoucun biscuits

  Shandong Zibo Zhoucun biscuits are a traditional Chinese snack, produced in the Zhoucun District of Zibo City, Shandong Province, named after one of the famous Han Chinese cuisine, Shandong Province. Zhoucun biscuits produced a long history, more than eighteen hundred years of history, is allegedly a man named Guo Yunlong Mr. In one horseshoe-shaped thick pancake made on the basis of creation. Its round shape and the color yellow, the front covered with sesame seeds, crisp hole listed on the back, like the Yang Ye thin, crisp exception. Entrance of a chew that is broken, fragrant mouthful abdomen, if missed landing, then all pieces, commonly known as "leaf Kuala biscuits." Zhoucun biscuits traditional crafts produced by Seiko, pure handmade products, the "crisp, fragrant, thin, brittle" four characteristics, nutritious, all ages. After a process of transformation, it is famous, well-known, loved by consumers around the world traditional snacks.


Zhoucun biscuits a long history, has been eighteen hundred years of history. According to research, which is the predecessor of the "Hu cake" (sesame biscuits), "Mirror" records, Han Huan Yan Xi three years (AD 160 years) there Trafficking Hu cake (ie, fried sesame) were living in the North Sea (now Shandong Province). According to historical records, the mid-Ming Dynasty, Zhoucun merchants, snacks should be a timely, posted to Hu cake baked "Hu cake furnace" At this point the incoming Zhoucun, master local restaurant households binding coke cake thin, fragrant, crisp characteristics to be improved to create a well-known large crisp biscuits, namely the prototype of today's Zhoucun biscuits. Emperor Guangxu six years (1880), Zhoucun "polymerization vegetarian" old biscuits for biscuits production process of painstaking research, after several improvements, so Zhoucun biscuits with a new face, a unique flavor available. Qing royal family has repeatedly procurement "Aggregation vegetarian" biscuits as a tribute.

Modern Times

However, so Zhoucun biscuits have said today, "thin, fragrant, crisp, crisp," the four characteristics is in modern times. ZHOUCUN high Wangjiazhuang Town is one of the most popular production Zhoucun biscuits villages. The village an old man told reporters, Zhoucun biscuits named development is based on the master , just eventually formed today's features. Guo master when baking cakes had big thick biscuits, cake above stumbled bulging portion thin crispy, add sesame seeds, tastes fragrant but not greasy. So he boldly new trial, really loved by everyone. As a result, they inadvertently by extension.

In 1958 public-private partnerships, by the sub Guo Yun Long the elderly Guo Fang Lin ancestral techniques and recipes to bring people together original Zhoucun food factory. Zhoucun People's Government on behalf of the people of the region is too large to Chairman Mao Get crisp biscuits. 79 large crisp biscuits with "Zhoucun" registered as a trademark, officially named "Zhoucun card" Zhoucun biscuits. Zhoucun biscuits also award-winning, like the "Department of Commerce quality products", "Shandong provincial quality products", "Shandong Province tradition of special food", "national quality standards of food", "Chinese snack", "famous Chinese" "national pollution-free products", "China assured food brand reputation" and so on.